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immune system booster and flush out excess mucus immune system booster and flush out excess mucus

Our Mission

Dr. Joe`s Respiratory Miracle™ is to provide relief for mucus buildup that is thicker than normal and is effective in flushing up excess mucus in your respiratory tract.

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Phlegm-Away™- Clears Phlegm and mucus, loosens and flush excess buildup.Choose from three different sizes to fit your needs.

Immune Builder 12 Pack (1.5oz ea)

shipping charges - $9.95

Phlegm-Away™ Family Bundle

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Phlegm-Away™ Immune Booster

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Phlegm-Away™- Clears Phlegm and mucus, loosens and flush excess buildup. Get signs of relief after just 3 days

Dr. Joe`s Respiratory Miracle™

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The Benefits of Phlegm-Away™

Phlegm is a type of mucus produced in the lungs and lower respiratory tract. It is most noticeable when a person is acutely sick or has a longstanding health condition.


Ginger can be used as a natural decongestant and antihistamine. Antiviral and antibacterial properties of ginger can help in easing congestion in the chest by drying out excess mucus and stimulating removal of its buildup. Drinking ginger tea for a few times in a day can help in eliminating excess mucus.


Carrots support liver function and digestion while also providing vitamin A to benefit the immune system and skin. A strong immune system will help battle any residual viruses causing your cough, so be sure to snack on carrots until the phlegm settles.

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